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I’ve started this blog to share my journey toward an ADHD diagnosis and beyond. It’s clearly early days…

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The Loneliness of Now

Have you ever found out something about yourself and felt all alone because of it? That’s where I am now. Seeing my personality, my quirks and my life laid out before me as symptoms of ADHD was eye-opening. It was life-changing, in the sense that I had answers and some sort of belonging. But what … Continue reading The Loneliness of Now

What ADHD Feels Like to Me

The more I read about different experiences of ADHD, the more I wonder what it actually feels like for me. Well, I don’t know, do I? Everything I’ve ever felt was normal to me. Now suddenly it’s not. Now, my brain is atypical, abnormal and functions differently to your average person. I never thought we … Continue reading What ADHD Feels Like to Me

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